Mountain Rest Baptist Church had its beginnings in 1858 when a church was started called the Double Springs Union Church, at which time the meetings were held in an old school building. Ten acres of land were given in the cause of religion for the consideration of $3.00. Although the land was given in 1858, it was not recorded until 1868. The Double Springs Union Church was built in 1868. It was a union of Methodists and Baptists with itinerant preachers conducting the services, alternating the material used for Sunday School between the two denominational publishing houses.

The Deacons with the support of the membership realized the need of a separate place of worship that they might assemble together in complete freedom according to the dictates of their conscience. The Baptists appointed a committee to build a separate place of worship, and a building plot was donated on the same highway a short distance from the Double Springs Union Church in August 1947. The Double Springs Baptist Church was built with much of the materials and work being donated by members. The church was completed and dedication services were held on the evening of May 27, 1951. The old Union Church continues to operate as Double Springs Methodist Church.

On September 10, 1975, the church was renamed the Mountain Rest Baptist Church. Among other reasons, the name change came to tie the church more closely with the broader community she serves.

Due to the need for expansion, the current facility was built and dedicated on Sunday, April 11th, 1981. The old building was later relocated to Whetstone Road and became Belmont Baptist Church.

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